The tartelette

A butter base, a thousand of possibilities

The Délifrance tartelette are designed for confectioners who want to express their creativity without limitations.


Compared to a time when they were mainly filled with fruit-based fillings, today tartelettes that are best for desserts include mousse, creams and melted fillings: tartelette can be metaphorically considered as a white canvas on which professionals can create, with elegance, refinement and taste, their personal recipe.

The range À la Folie allows every confectioner great expressivity, as it is produced with careful selection of excellent ingredients, factors that guarantee exquisite results in the diverse world of contemporary pastry. Craftsmanship and innovation are the soul of Délifrance tartelette, where the 100% handmade product is immediately recognizable thanks to the thickness, smoothness and well-defined edges of the bottom bases.