Each woman has her own dessert

10 tartelettes by pastry chef Alessandro Servida tell the story of a varied female world

Through the use of ingredients, materials and colors, À la Folie comes to life in a game of contrasts and balance between pastry and art. Exclusivity, selfishness, essence, passion, determination, self-assurance, hidden femininity, strength, balance and awareness are the ten women’s motives that inspired desserts and paintings on the walls, forming a sensational journey for everybody to enjoy.

  1. Exclusivity
    She chooses with care. She is a selective woman. She rejects contrast and disagreement. For her an exotic tartelette with coconut, lime juice, passion fruit, pineapple and milk chocolate, is offered.
  2. Selfishness
    She wants everything for herself. She is a careless and greedy woman following only her own pleasures. Selfishness is represented by a stuffed tartelette with vanilla scent pears, distilled from Williams 50 ° pear and cranberry jam.
  3. Essence
    This is the basic kernel of a woman, made of the scent of her existence. For her a tartelette made of white chocolate and lemon, has been created.
  4. Passion
    She loves everything she does. She is a woman dedicated to what she loves. For her we offer a tartelette with semi-candied apricot tartar, passion fruit, milk chocolate, wafer flakes, Maldon's salt and white chocolate.
  5. Determination
    She believes that she has the future in her hands. For this woman a dessert made of dark chocolate and mascarpone, with cream and a sprinkling of coffee is recommended.
  6. Self-assurance
    She follows her instince: she is decisive, an innate courage that drives her forward.  Her tartelette is made up fresh strawberreis, milk chocolate and fresh cream.
  7. Hidden femininity
    A woman with concealed beauty. For her a tartelette with pistachio powder, red currant, raspberries jam, and orange blossom honey is offered.
  8. Strength
    A firm body, a solid soul. A woman that never gives up and take pride in her scars. For her we offer a tartelette made up with orange marmalade, milk chocolate, crunchy almond and hazelnut pralines, crushed wafers, cream and bitter chocolate. 
  9. Balance
    She controls the shades of all faculties. She can balance what she desires with what she can achieve. For her we make a dessert on the basis of cream, white chocolate and wild strawberry.
  10. Awareness
    This kind of woman has intimate knowledge of herself. She is astute, and kowns her own limitations. For her we make a small basket with apple, calvados, vanilla and appricots.