Délifrance opens À la Folie

Conceived as an art gallery, À la Folie is a bakery devoted to the expressions of femininity, serving as an inspiration for desserts and paintings

The chef Alessandro Servida and the painter Mihailo Beli Karanovic are involved in the project 

Art and pastry meet in Milan in the new temporary store À la Folie, whose opening is scheduled for September 7th in Statuto 16 street. The inauguration will unveil a two-faceted space, open until November: À la Folie, a project presented by Délifrance, that combines taste and abstract art, owing to the involvement of pastry chef Alessandro Servida and Serbian artist Mihailo Beli Karanovic.

They were asked to interpret women by giving shape, color and flavor to twenty different female properties. Fragility, audacity, arrogance and sensuality are some of the personality traits that inspired the creation of recipes and paintings.

Designed as a multisensory site, À la Folie is a new model for a pastry bakery where the excellence of raw materials is matched by all artistic expressions. Inside the store it will be possible to buy Servida's desserts and also get lost in the pictorial path suggested by the Serbian artist. Visual perception and taste are indissolubly blended to create an all-round sensory experience, to be taken away as a totality with its exquisite packaging included.

Women are interpreted by the pastry chef Alessandro Servida and the artist Mihailo Beli Karanovic

Thanks to the involvement of the pastry chef Alessandro Servida and the Serbian artist Mihailo Beli Karanovic, À la Folie combines taste and abstract art. They have been asked to interpret femininity, and, specifically, twenty different female connotations, using the tools of their trade: a tartelette, a base that can assume multiple forms, and a white canvas. Awareness and selfishness, balance and uniqueness, strength and passion, are some of the expressions of femininity that the two artists gave shape and color to through two different approaches and two antithetical visions.

Woman, with her many facets, expresses her darkest side in the paintings of Maestro Karanovic. Contrasts and dissonances are the life-blood of his art. In the works of Maestro Servida, however, art meets strict discipline. Creativity is shaped by rigor: his pastry, following almost thirty years of experience, offers the twenty identities represented, a gentle tribute, a counterpoint, that is  always harmoniously balanced.

"I accepted whole heartedly the proposal of Délifrance because it is both a stimulating and modern project, as well as a very playful one - says Alessandro Servida, pastry-chef of the pastry bakery Alex of Pantigliate (Milan) - Thanks to them I had the opportunity to reinterpret tartelette in a more contemporary form: it is a canvas that lends itself to thousand flavors."

The temporary shop À la Folie presented by Délifrance will host both the paintings by Karanovic and the novel and modern tartelettes of Maestro Servida, which can be sampled on site or taken away.